IB Japan's training is 5 days, usually from Monday to Friday. The training is held at our Head Office in Funabashi City in Chiba Prefecture. A training schedule is sent by email with a train schedule and a map. Teachers are housed in our Guest House in Yotsukaido during this time. Teachers usually attend training in small groups but sometimes training is done with only one teacher.

Below is what to expect in training:

Day 1: Introduction & Orientation about IB Japan
・Explanation about IB Japan, its Administrative Staff & Program.
・Visa Explanation, Resident Card & My Number System.
・Company paperwork including Calendar, Worksheets, Teacher Directory, etc.
・Introduction to Textbooks used.
・General Teaching Theory.
・Conversation Practice.
・Intercultural Awareness.

Day 2: Continued Orientation & Teaching Pre-Elementary Students
・Survival in Japan Explanation, e.g. public transportation, cultural references, etc.
・Useful Japanese phrases
・Translations for washing machines, air conditioners, ATMs, etc.
・Teaching Pre-Elementary theory.
・Introduction to early childhood textbooks.
・Learning Songs & Dances popular to teaching pre-elementary.

Day 3: Teaching Elementary/Primary Students
・Teaching Theory & IB Japan's Pedagogy for Elementary aged students.
・Introduction to Let's Go textbooks.
・Lesson Preparation.
・Flashcard & Material Making.

Day 4: Teaching Adult Students
・Teaching Theory for Adult students.
・Introduction to Interchange textbooks.
・Lesson Preparation for Adults.
・Interview Introduction & Practice

Day 5: Teaching Adolescents
・Teaching Approach for Adolescent students.
・Introduction to Connect textbooks.
・Lesson Preparation for Adolescents.
・Final Processing of Contract.
・Explanation of Teaching Schedule, Observations, Luggage Deliveries, Moving to Apartment.

Annual Workshop


Our annual workshop is held in June at our Soga School near JR Soga Station. The workshop is for all new teachers hired and is an extension of initial training. Presentations are given by experienced veteran teachers and head office staff. New teachers have an opportunity to share their teaching experience and to meet other new colleagues. This is held on a Sunday with lunch provided.

Annual Seminar


The seminar is traditionally held at the Wishton Hotel in Yukarigaoka. This annual event invites all teachers, school managers and franchise owners in the Kanto area - numbering 120 to 140 people - to participate in presentations and discussions on new teaching approaches, the introduction of new textbooks, or insightful expansions on currently used textbooks. An all-you-can-eat buffet lunch is provided at the hotel. It is an opportunity to meet teachers you went through training with and to make new IB Japan friends.