Our method

Our method

About The Lessons

Our program and work hours

•The work schedule is a full-time, 5-day, 40-hour work week

•About 27 of those are teaching hours per week (not including breaks)

•Overtime is paid for lessons over 1600 minutes in one week

•In a typical daily schedule, a teacher will see 35% of classes with children under 5 years old, 50% Elementary and Jr. High, and 15% adult or other. We like teaching kids!

•Because we are a conversation school, working hours are usually between 1pm and 9pm

•All lessons are under an hour: 50 minutes maximum for 3 or more students

•You see the same students once a week, every week; there are no unexpected changes to your teaching locations

•Class size is limited to 8 students, to give each student more individual attention

Textbooks included in our methodology:

•Let's Go by Oxford Press

•Connect by Cambridge Press

•Interchange by Cambridge Press



•And other niche textbooks to meet student needs