About us

About Us


IB Japan Co., Ltd. has been in business for over 30 years and specializes in providing education. We are also a proud member of J.A.P.F.L.E. (Japan Association for the Promotion of Foreign Language Education) working with the governmental Ministry of Education. We have a number of educational institutions in our network of programs:
• IBE - International Bridge English
• ALS - American Language School
• IB Waseda -
• (List other schools)

We are primarily based in Chiba Prefecture with our Head Office located in Funabashi City which is near Tokyo, but we have schools in the greater Kanto and Chubu regions with schools located throughout Chiba Prefecture but also in Saitama, Ibaraki, Tokyo, Tochigi, Kanagawa, Hokkaido (Sapporo), Kagawa & Yamagata.

IB Japan has been successfully providing English educational instruction for over 30 years at our schools, businesses, and several elementary, junior high, and high schools. We additionally have a special relationship with Narita Airport providing English lessons for airport support staff, day care lessons for the children of airport personnel, & conducting special PR events for various schools in the Narita area for the NAA promotional section. Past programs included the English level assessment of all 116 air traffic controllers and finalized English lessons for Delta Airlines' top management staff.


IB English

Chiba Prefecture
Ichikawa Academy, Vivit MinamiFunabashi School, Yotsukaido School, Yukarigaoka School, Narita School, Soga School, YachiyoChuo School, YachiyoMidorigaoka School, ShinKemigawa School, Chibadera School, Usui School, Oami School, Mobara School

Toyosu School, Fuchu School, Tsukishima-Kachidoki School, Toyocho School, Kinshicho School

Kanagawa Prefecture
Aobadai School, CenterMinami School, Ikuta School, Zama School

Saitama Prefecture
Tsurugashima School

Tochigi Prefecture
Kamitomatsuri School, Suzumenomiya School

Aichi Prefecture
Toyota School, Hekinan School

Yamagata Prefecture
Tendo School

Hiroshima Prefecture
Mukainada Ekimae School

Singapore School

American Language School

Chiba Prefecture
Asahi School, Ajiki School, Omigawa School, Kamagaya School, Kamatori School, Kitanarashino School, Kimitsu School, Goi School, Kokubunnjidai School, JR Sakura School, Sawara School, Shisui School, Shin-Funabashi School, Chiharadai School, Choshi School, Tsuga School, Toke School, Togane School, Nagaura School, Magomezawa School, Yachimata School, Murakami School, Yokaichiba School, Yokoshiba School

Kugayama School, Shinozaki School, Chofu School, Hitotsubashi-Gakuen School

Ibaragi Prefecture
Kashima School, Kamisu School, Koga School, Sanuki School, Toride School

Saitama Prefecture
Soka School, Tsurugashima School, Tsuruse School

Tochigi Prefecture
Shimotsuke School

Gunma Prefecture
Tomioka School

Osaka Prefecture
Tsurumi School

Yamaguchi Prefecture
Hofu School

Kagawa Prefecture
Marugame School

Message from Mr. Saito

Hello Interested Teachers,

Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Founder and CEO of IB Japan. After my wonderful experience of living in California as a young man in my early 20's, I returned to Japan with a vision. I saw a greatness in being able to live overseas and to expand who we are through this experience. I wanted to provide this same opportunity to young-minded Japanese and to English speaking foreigners seeking to teach English in Japan. I created IB as an "International Bridge" to achieve this dual vision. I invite you to consider this offer and to help inspire young and old Japanese students to visit and potentially live abroad. It is an opportunity one will never forget. To truly be international we need to experience life internationally. Let IB Japan be that opportunity for you.

Warm Regards,

Mr. Saito