About The Job

Why Teach for IB Japan?


Why is IB Japan the school of choice for so many teachers coming to Japan?
・Our Head Office has experienced North American recruiters, directors and trainers who have many years of teaching and administrative experience. You will be speaking with fellow native-speakers. We have 7 head office administrators with a collective 70+ years of teaching & life experiences in Japan.
・We have over 80 schools & employ over 100 native-speaking teachers, this experience speaks for itself with publication of some of our own materials and recognition of our teaching achievement. We continue to expand.
・The average stay of an IB Japan teacher is over two years with many staying with us for 5-10 years plus. We like to hold on to good teachers who are looking to stay in Japan for a long time.
・Over 10% of our teachers are returning employees.

Salary Package includes the following


・The starting salary is 250,000 yen per month with the salary pay date being the 20th of the following month.
・From the 250,000 yen we will deduct the rent, furniture maintenance fee, and income tax. The net or take home salary will be 185,000-190,000+ yen per month.
・In addition to the salary we offer 5 contingency days which can be used at sick days or special request holidays, certain restrictions apply. These can be activated after the first six months of employment.
・Any unused Contingency Days at the end of the contract can be redeemed at 11,500 yen per unused day.
・We recommend all teachers to start a savings program by saving 80-90,000 yen per month so at the end of your contract, you should have saved (US)$12,000+. This doesn't include your final
salary which can potentially total $2500-$3000. for the month before & the current finishing month plus any unused Contingency Days.
・It is an excellent opportunity to save money and leave Japan with a significant savings

Teacher Apartments

Teachers are provided private residence apartments, the size will vary depending on location. Other applicable details are:
・Teachers will only be charged the actual rent and are not responsible for key money or deposit fees.
・The rent will vary from 38,000 to 55,000 (maximum) though this amount will slightly vary pending unique locations or circumstances. The rent is deducted from the salary so no upfront money is required.
・Apartments are supplied with: a refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning, cookware & dishware, futon, and other light furnishings but no entertainment devices, e.g. TV, stereo (though some apartments may have these). Internet services are easily arranged.
・A 2000 yen furniture maintenance fee will apply, this covers the replacement cost of all appliances that breakdown due to normal wear and tear, and includes the recycling fee of the items disposal.


IB Japan strives to equalize its teacher contracts to start and finish throughout the year. This is to accommodate the varying schedules of individuals as well as differences that may apply based on one's nationality, e.g. academic semesters, graduation, etc. Such a system makes it much easier to accommodate when new teachers can begin.