About The Lessons

About The Lessons


As a member of the local community we provide our service to students from age three on up to adults. The students study once a week and are assigned to classes based on ability and age. Lessons are scheduled on the same day and same time with the exception of Ticket Lessons. Class size will vary from one on up to 8 students maximum. Below is our overall lesson menu, though some schools may not offer all such lessons


■30 Minute Class: This class is usually a private student ranging in age from elementary to adult. It is an exclusive lesson with the teacher.
■40 Minute Class: This class is with two students either family members or close friends who wish to share a lesson. This is also an exclusive lesson.
■50 Minute Ticket Lesson: This is a special program designed for students with irregular schedules or wish to study on only a limited basis - ESP (English for a Specific Purpose), e.g. tests, business trips overseas, international symposiums, etc. Students call to arrange a lesson, the day and time can vary.


■30 Minute Class: This occurs when only one student is registered in the group lesson. The class has the potential to expand.
■40 Minute Class: The class is with two students even if only one student shows. When a third student joins, the class will expand to a full 50 minutes.
■50 Minute Class: This class will now have 3 up to 8 students. The average tends to be 3-6 students.


■Master Course: This specialty course is for elementary aged students using the Let's Go series. The class is 40 minutes with the conversation teacher and 20 minutes with the Japanese grammar teacher. The writing element including homework assignment is in the hands of the grammar teacher.
■NOBIL Lesson: IB Japan has limitedly expanded to a special needs program. This is how we continue our service to the community. These students are given a 30 minute English lesson once a week with a structured curriculum at another site.
■Kindergarten Lesson: This lesson is given at the kindergarten once a week. It is usually 30 minutes with bigger classes of 20+ students. The lessons are once a week. A structured curriculum is available.
■Company Class: This lesson is held at the company site. The class is generally 50-60 minutes with teacher needing to go to the company.
■NAA PR Event: These are morning events sponsored by the Narita Airport Authority to promote greater community service to elementary schools and community centers in Narita. It is seasonally held. Teachers receive extra money for performing these and then go teach at their regular schedule.